Our Values

As a Community of Faith we have three main CORE Values.

So we want to help people begin to care about others who are different from them. We want to see intergenerational relationships happen. We want to see the rich and the poor become friends. We want to see people from different cultural backgrounds appreciate the uniqueness of other cultures. One of the hardest parts about life is learning to be comfortable with who you are and not forcing everyone around you to be just like you. I think we were made different, yet we need each other. We have so much to learn about living life from each other.

It is to easy to be individualistic and self centered. As people begin to matter, we want to help each others live life to the fullest. It is easy to have surface level relationships but the ones that will make the biggest difference in our lives are the ones that challenge us to think about what is important in life. What a person believes is really important. It determines the way one lives their life and what they live it for. So we want to create communities where people can learn to share their faith and lives with others. We want to create spaces where people can have fun eating meals, playing games, and just being around others who are different from them while having an opportunity to discover what they believe and why at their own pace.

No matter what faith background you have, you have to admit that the life Jesus lived was pretty radical. If you and I lived our lives following his example our lives would be drastically different. Even for those who don’t believe everything about the Bible, we want to encourage them to see if following Jesus and his example would have a positive impact on their lives.

Things we say often:

  • This is a different way to live life!
  • We are sharing our faith and life!
  • Wherever our lives are stationed!
  • It is like an extended family!
  • No strings attached!
  • This is life the way it was intended to be!


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