LifeStation is funded through the sacrifice and generosity of those who consider this their spiritual community. We are committed to never using guilt, pressure, and shame to somehow motivate people to support this mission. Instead, part of following Jesus means we are liberated to live freely and generously with our time, our finances, and the things we value the most. Financially investing in God’s work is part of what it means to be living God’s mission and it is worth it.  As a Community of Faith we are going to work really hard to invest into people not programs because we believe that People Matter.  Giving is one way to ensure the ongoing declaration that faith and life are meant to be shared in the places we live, work and play.

Donations may be made online.

Make a Donation Button

Checks may be made out to LifeStation BIC and placed in the ToolBox at our Worship Gathering.

We are also working with Susquehanna Bank so that you can schedule Auto-reoccurring payments with your bank.

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